I offer weekly lessons for students ages six and up at my locations in Santa Fe, New Mexico or Online. If you would prefer, I can also teach at your home as well. I teach beginner to advanced level Saxophone and beginner to intermediate level Clarinet and Piano. I have been teaching music since 1996. I am classically trained and have a special love for and much experience with wind ensembles: band. I try to have fun and interesting lessons. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

Saxophone and Clarinet students must be at least 9 years old (4th grade) or older.

A trial lesson is available by appointment and encouraged. You can try a lesson and see if it works or not.

Please note that I do not have any rental instruments. You must have your own.

If you would like to check reviews, you can do so at my Yelp page.

ニューメキシコ州サンタフェの自宅もしくはオンラインにて6歳から大人の生徒さんへ週1のレッスンを行っています。 出張レッスンも行っておりますのでご興味のある方はご連絡下さい。サキソフォーンのレッスンは初級から上級まで、クラリネットもしくはピアノのレッスンは初級から中級レベルまで行っております。1人1人に合った自由なレッスンを心がけております。特に吹奏楽の経験が豊富ですのでバンドのオーディションなどガイドが欲しい方はお気軽にご連絡下さい。